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What is the Performance Pathway?

Leaders own a big responsibility. The Performance Pathway is the most important system to understand if you want a team that executes with discipline and energy. Leaders create ...
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Team Culture Starts With Personal Choices

10 takeaways for coaches on creating the culture you want. Most coaches understand that team culture has a huge influence on team performance. It isn’t the only thing but it ...
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How I learned The E+R=O Mindset and it changed my life.

Before I learned what The E+R=O Mindset means (Event + Response + Outcome) I had already been living part of my life by it. I just wasn’t aware of it. Once I trained how to ...
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I’m social-media distancing for the rest of 2020. Here’s why...

As I sat on my couch last week and scrolled through my iPhone, I found myself mildly annoyed at what I saw on my Twitter feed. Not everything. But enough that my mood changed. ...
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Distraction is Killing You: 4 Ways To Get Focused

Take a moment and think of all the distracting things you've given your attention to today outside of family, work, and other critical responsibilities. How much time do those ...
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Empathy is a Super Power: How anyone can learn to use empathy to improve relationships and influence people.

What exactly is empathy and why is there so much buzz about it? In another blog I wrote about how coaches can bring stability to their teams, I describe empathy as a super ...
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Now is the Time for Entrepreneurs to Double Down on Discipline

You have no destiny other than your discipline. Reflecting on the past 8 months, it's obvious now more than ever — adversity finds everyone. But the best opportunities have ...
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6 Ways Coaches Can Provide Stability In Uncertain Times.

1. Bring focus and clarity to the work that needs to be done Uncertainty is a threat to progress. People give in to the hype surrounding the questions they have about what the ...
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Fall Sports Cancelled

In adversity, strong teams focus on opportunity. We’re guaranteed two things in life:
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Learning to Compete at a Higher Level: The 5 Mindsets and Skill Sets That Drive Competitive Excellence

Compete. Improve. Compete again. The willingness or resistance to compete at a higher level always begins at a personal level. Not just as an individual, which of course is ...
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