Make them say, "WOW!"

No motivational hype, just contagious energy. No canned speeches, just keynotes full of timeless truths and tactical tools that impact the person and the professional. 

No More Shallow Motivational Speeches.

I'll tell you what I tell everyone: I'm not a motivation speaker. If you're not motivated, good luck. A keynote might motivate for a day or two. So what? A great keynote does more than that.

You need a keynote speaker with great energy and a charismatic stage presence who will deliver the audience an incredible experience. But you need substance too. Real tangible value by the audience's expectation.

A great keynote combines a memorable experience with self-awareness + skill-building.

I teach disciplined skills that the audience can immediately apply and see results. At work and at home. In their mindset, their action, and their relationships.

Great keynote on understanding & developing the heart and mindset of athletes and coaches. - Bob F.

We can’t wait to have you back! -Veronica A.

Your Keynote was amazing! I’m a big fan! -Stephanie N.

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E+R=O or Event + Response = Outcome is the way life works. Everyday we face events and outcomes. We all get to choose how we respond. In this best selling virtual keynote Brian breaks down this equation and teaches it to your audience.

The Performance Pathway

The performance pathway is a system organizations can leverage to get the results they want. The performance pathway is this: leaders create culture, culture drives behavior, and behavior produces results.

Culture Playbook

Culture is a buzzword that has been used a lot in business and sports teams. What is culture? How can I build culture? Why won't my team buy into the culture I'm trying to create? Brian Kight breaks these questions down and teaches your audience how to create a culture playbook for their organization.

Discipline is The Shortcut

Both "Discipline" and "Shortcut" are slightly polarizing words. Discipline might make you think of punishment. Shortcut could call to mind the idea of cheating. But together these works unlock life's fastest way to get the things you want. The shortest distance to what you want is the path of discipline.

Speaker's Kit

Download Brian Kight's Speaker's Kit by completing the form. 

The speaker's kit includes all the information that you need while considering hiring Brian to speak at your virtual event. 

  • Brian Kight's Bio
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is A Keynote?

A typical keynote runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your event's timeframe and needs. 

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Audience Size?

No. However, there may be better options for smaller groups to work with Brian. If your audience is on the smaller end we will discuss other options with you as we learn more about your Keynote. 

Are Slides Used In Your Kenote?
Brian typically uses slides while speaking and the visuals are important to helping the audience understand the value and application of the systems. A copy of the slide deck will be made available to the audience after the event. 
How Can The Audience Connect After The Keynote?

We have great options for post-event follow-up and these will be discussed in more detail in planning your event with Brian. Below are the three most common. 

  • Daily Discipline Email (Free) - a daily email newsletter that incorporates many of the same principles from Brian's Keynote. A great way to keep the systems and principles top of mind for your audience. 
  • Social Media - Brian consistency shares high value content via his social media channels. This offers the audience ways to stay engaged with the content after the event. 
  • Virtual Training (Paid) - Through our training center attendees can continue building skill in systems like E+R=O. Attendees can purchase independently or can be included in a customized package specifically for your event. 
  • Upcoming Book Release - In early 2022 Brian will release his first book with 365 Daily Disciplines that reader's can engage with in just a couple minutes daily. Preorders will start soon and can be included in your Keynote pricing. 
How Early Should I Book My Keynote?

We recommend that the process of booking Brian Kight for a keynote start around 3 months before the event or earlier to assure availability. 

If your event is less than 3-months away we will do our best to facilitate given Brian's availability. 

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