Make them say, "WOW!"

No motivational hype, just contagious energy. No canned speeches, just keynotes full of timeless truths and tactical tools that impact the person and the professional. 

No More Shallow Motivational Speeches.

I'll tell you what I tell everyone: I'm not a motivation speaker. If you're not motivated, good luck. A keynote might motivate for a day or two. So what? A great keynote does more than that.

You need a keynote speaker with great energy and a charismatic stage presence who will deliver the audience an incredible experience. But you need substance too. Real tangible value by the audience's expectation.

A great keynote combines a memorable experience with self-awareness + skill-building.

I teach disciplined skills that the audience can immediately apply and see results. At work and at home. In their mindset, their action, and their relationships.

Keynote Titles

Building and Leading Competitive Teams

Every team wants to be competitive, but so few reach the elite level of their competitive space. In this topic we explore how you can build and lead competitive teams to competing at an elite level.

Culture That Drives Execution

Why do we talk about culture so much? What is the purpose of culture in our teams? Cultures job is to drive execution. In this topic we discuss how to build that culture on your team.

Keynote Prices

Virtual Keynote

A powerful presentation for your next online event.

  • 60-90 minute virtual keynote
  • Choose from a list of topics
  • Slide deck and follow-up options for attendees.
  • Recorded keynote can be re-watched
  • Professional video quality

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Powerful. Memorable. Practical.

  • 60-90 minute keynote
  • Choose a topic or request a customized session
  • Follow-up reinforcement available
  • Slide deck and other assets available to attendees
  • Audiences of 50-50,000

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