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BK Zoom Sessions

Has Training Changed?

We used to think all training had to be in person. But is that true? No, of course not.

I love training in person, but it can be time-consuming, expensive, and not always worth the investment.

Virtual Keynotes are a perfect cost-effective way to get the same great training at a 90% savings.

Small Group Virtual Keynotes

For individuals or smaller groups with less than 100 attendees. Small group virtual keynotes bring Brian Kight into your inner circle.

This format is great for engaging directly with BK on specific initiatives of your choosing. You could go in depth in learning E+R=O, get feedback on your organization's culture playbook, or get guidance for the path you're on.  

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Large Group Virtual Keynotes

Great for larger teams who want to introduce or improve specific skills or systems. For an audience size of 100+ attendees.

These typically take more of a workshop style format where BK trains the audience on a specific topic of your choosing, then end with some Q&A to engage with the audience. 

BK Large Groupp Sessions

Who Are Virtual Keynotes For?


One thing every successful entrepreneur comes to learn is to work with people who are experts in their field and not try to figure everything out on their own. There are so many moving parts in growing a business where the systems and skills BK teaches can help accelerate or lay a great foundation for years to come. Whether it's sustaining the effort required to start the business or laying the framework for your business' culture playbook, a virtual keynote can unlock a lot for an entrepreneur. 

Sports Coaches

Looking for that competitive edge your team needs? Trying to get your athletes to buy into your culture or stop BCD (blaming, complaining, and defensiveness)? Something else? So many coaches have asked for direction and feedback from BK in the past, and now we have a way to serve coaches in a way that fits tight budgets and strict timeframes. 

Small Group Virtual Keynotes are perfect for a 1-on-1 with BK or include your coaching staff to work through specific initiatives or to bring alignment to your staff. Since this group tops out at 20 attendees, it makes it easy to get everyone engaged. 

Large Group Virtual Keynotes are a great option for coaches to involve their entire team in training. Bring up to 100 attendees to train with BK on a specific skill like E+R=O or No BCD. Just a virtual keynote can introduce your team to the content and empower you and your staff to keep it going all season long. 


Sales Teams

In a highly competitive field, winning or losing comes at incredibly thin margins. Equip your team with the systems they need to execute at an elite level. Whether your team is made up of sales veterans adapting to new technology and processes, or rookies having a hard time cutting out distractions, BK can help your team get equipped. The shortest distance between your team and their sales goals is discipline. Grab a Small Group Virtual Keynote to engage your team in the most energizing 60 minutes of their month. 


School Administrators

Building and sustaining a culture that produces results is always an undertaking. Nowhere is this more true than in education. From 20-year teachers to first-time teachers, to parents, to politics, it's a lot of work and requires an array of precisely executed systems and skills to go from average to elite. As we start another school year and the politics of a global pandemic have never been more polarizing, it becomes even more important for school leaders to equip themselves.

A Small Group Virtual Keynote is a great option to work directly with BK on a handful of pressing and specific needs—gaps in your execution or understanding. Get guidance on your culture initiative and unbiased and honest feedback on the outcomes you're trying to create. 

Need to involve a group of teachers or staff? Grab a Large Group Virtual Keynote and choose a specific topic for BK to train your audience on. Want to get E+R=O in the hands of your new teachers? Commission your school as a BCD free zone? Let's get to work. 


Business Teams

Cut through the red tape and unleash the power of elite execution in your business team or department. The mountain of average is running rampant in businesses. Let's bring alignment to your team and make a shift towards elite.

If your team is on the smaller side, grab a Small Group Virtual Keynote. Have a larger team? The Large Group Virtual Keynote is for you. Grab a topic or build your own with BK. 


Leadership Sessions

Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway is the most important system to understand if you want a team that executes with discipline and energy.

Leaders create culture. Culture drives behavior. Behavior produces results.

The Performance Pathway exists in every team, including yours, whether people are aware of it or not. Implementing this simple and powerful system is the key to align, accelerate, and grow.

Team Clarity & Confidence

Learn the four core elements and key questions to create team clarity and confidence.
  1. Mission
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Standards
  4. Relationships

The 5 Things Leaders Need To Have Confidence In

More information on this topic is coming soon!

Culture Sessions

Culture Playbook Consulting

The mental energy team leaders to building and defining culture is exhausting. While your team's culture is anything but a document, a culture playbook transfers mental ideals to something real you and your team can rally around.

I've helped hundreds of teams build their culture playbook, and now you can leverage that experience for your team with concrete takeaways.

Culture Playbook Feedback

Needing feedback on your team's culture initiatives or your DIY Culture Playbook?

Or maybe you're feeling like your team just isn't buying in and you're not sure what to do next.

A Culture Playbook Feedback session will leave you energized with a clear path forward towards your desired outcomes.

Behavior Sessions

E+R=O Mindset

Event + Response = Outcome

The 101 E+R=O Virtual Keynote that teaches the mindset to you and your team. Great for those who have never heard of E+R=O or those just needing a refresher.

E+R=O Skills

The 201 E+R=O Virtual Keynote that takes you and your team deeper in their ability to execute E+R=O.

In this session we capitalize on your team's understanding of E+R=O and start to apply systemic skills to fallback on when choosing an ideal "R" is critical.

E+R=O Speed

The 401 E+R=O Virtual Keynote that begs the question, "what's the point of being good at something if you can't do it with speed?"

In intensely competitive environments decisions happen in an instant. This creates a large opportunity for us to respond out of emotion or impulse. Learning how to have speed in executing E+R=O can help you gain the competitive edge your team needs.

Super Skills

I teach 30 different Super Skills: Focus, Time, Energy, Observation, Humility, Empathy, Listening, Integrity, Emotion, Forgiveness, Flexibility, Saying No, Risk Management, Honesty, Influence, Assertiveness, Non-verbals, Decision-making, Patience, Persistence, Courage, Disagreements, Navigating Uncertainty, Processing Criticism, Prioritizing, Learning, Rapport Building, Change/Adapting, Responsibility/Ownership, & Clarity.

While we likely can't cover more than 3 of these skills on a single Virtual Keynote, we can deep dive on learning how to improve skill in the one's most valuable to you and your team.

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