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Blaming, Complaining, & Defensiveness. 


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Let's address some common question about BCD.

Symptoms of BCD

What does BCD look like and how to watch for it. 

Prevent The Spread of BCD

BCD is incredibly contagious and toxic, it's up to each of us to prevent the spread.

Resources for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

BCD Resource for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

You can't afford BCD, use these resources to start your journey towards building a BCD free business—starting with you. 

Resources for Coaches & Athletes

BCD is stunting your team's efforts, it's the difference between staying 2-8 or doing to work to go 8-2. Grab a hold of these resources to start building a BCD Free culture.

BCD resources for Coaches & Athletes

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Regardless of your industry, job title, age or anything else we all need to stand up against the spread of BCD in our society. Use these tools to get involved today.

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