Unlock Your Team's Potential

You can't teach talent. You can teach the discipline to maximize talent.

The Performance Pathway


Every team, including yours, has a Performance Pathway.
Everything in your program is affected by the relationship between these four elements.

So the question is:
What's happening in your team's Performance Pathway
and what impact is it having? 

If you get The Performance Pathway right, nothing can stop you.
If you get it wrong, nothing will save you.

Leaders - The Performance Pathway
Develop Confidence + Deliver Performance

A Leader's Job

Everything starts with leadership. You know that. You believe that. And yet elite leadership is an elusive struggle.

Confident and competitive teams understand The Performance Pathway and execute it together.

A leader's job is to create that in four ways:

  1. Design: build the pathway to enhance your strategy.
  2. Define: set your standards with clarity.
  3. Align: equip everyone to exceed the standards.
  4. Refine: execute, observe, and adjust.
Beliefs + Behaviors + Outcomes

Culture Executes

It seems everyone in sports talks about culture. Why? What purpose does it serve?

The purpose of culture is to drive behavior that competes and wins. That is culture's job. Not to make people feel good. Not to drive "engagement".

Culture has one primary job: DRIVE  ELITE EXECUTION.

Everything else is either a by-product, style, or personal preference. Because if your culture isn't driving elite execution that competes and wins, what value and experience is it providing?

Most people think culture is soft and fuzzy. They prefer to focus on strategy and process. That's because they don't understand the practical, concrete reality of culture: every team executes its strategy and process according to its culture.

Nothing makes or breaks execution more than culture.

Culture - The Performance Pathway
Behavior - The Performance Pathway
Event + Response = Outcome

Moments of Truth

Processes don't produce results. People do. Strategy doesn't create outcomes. Behavior does. Every strategy, every process, every gameplan depends on the behavior of people.

Behavior of people is still the most complex variable in your world. On your staff. On your team. In your own family.

Getting the right behavior out of the right people at the right time is what makes coaching fun and frustrating too. Whether it's in practice or performance, in training or personal life. The main objective, the moment of truth, is preparing each person to be their best when it matters most.

If you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, teach them how and train them for it.

Winning Outcomes + Great Experiences

Embrace the Chase

You and I are here because we love to compete. We get it.

But most people never make a serious attempt to be elite. They think about it. They talk about it. They plan for it. But they never really try.

Few teams ever compete at the elite standard. Few teams truly pursue it. It's just incredibly uncommon. Most teams compete at the average standard. Most people try to maintain their existing habits.

That creates opportunity for you and your team. There’s wide open space if you're willing to do what it takes to reach elite.

Results - The Performance Pathway

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