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My blog. This is where I breakdown the specifics of the simple tools I teach or I share perspective on current events.
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A special SUPER SKILLS edition of the Daily Discipline podcast. 20 Skills to Win in Life Where Others Lose.
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Stop BCD Tools

What are the effects of Blaming, Complaining, & Defensiveness on your team? Resources to help you and your team get control.
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What is the Performance Pathway?

Leaders own a big responsibility.

The Performance Pathway is the most important system to understand if you want a team that executes with discipline and energy. Leaders create culture. Culture drives behavior. Behavior produces results. The Performance Pathway exists in every team, including...

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Team Culture Starts With Personal Choices

10 takeaways for coaches on creating the culture you want.

Most coaches understand that team culture has a huge influence on team performance. It isn’t the only thing but it affects everything one way or another. A team’s culture either sharpens the execution of its game plans or makes them sloppy....

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How I learned The E+R=O Mindset | Brian Kight Blog

Before I learned what The E+R=O Mindset means (Event + Response + Outcome) I had already been living part of my life by it. I just wasn’t aware of it. Once I trained how to apply The E+R=O Mindset it became the most powerful approach I use to guide my personal and professional life.

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I’m social-media distancing for the rest of 2020. Here’s why...

As I sat on my couch last week and scrolled through my iPhone, I found myself mildly annoyed at what I saw on my Twitter feed. Not everything. But enough that my mood changed. “You know not to pay attention to any of that, BK”, I told myself, “Filter that out. Focus on the good stuff.” So I did. I...

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Distraction is Killing You: 4 Ways To Get Focused

Take a moment and think of all the distracting things you've given your attention to today outside of family, work, and other critical responsibilities. How much time do those distractions add up to? 30 minutes? An hour? Maybe more, maybe less. That's a single day, now imagine what that looks over...

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