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The objective is professional. The journey is always personal.

The Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway

Every business, including yours, operates like a system. Even when you don't see or understand the system creating results, it's still there operating, influencing, and producing.

At that heart of your business system is The Performance Pathway.
Leaders create culture. Culture drives behavior. Behavior produces results.

It's not the only system affecting your business but it's the most important one.
Because every other part of your business -- strategy, technology, talent, processes, hiring, etc -- is made better or worse by what your Performance Pathway.

Leaders - The Performance Pathway
Develop Confidence + Deliver Performance

The Challenge

A business is as good as its leadership. That's not hyperbole. That's reality.

The difference between leaders and teammates is that leaders are responsible for everything that happens in the business: mission, vision, strategy, culture, revenue, change, and more. Teammates are only responsible for themselves and their production.

Where business leadership is especially challenging is that leaders are responsible for the behavior and impact of everyone on the team. But leaders don't control the behavior of anyone but themselves.

The inherent challenge of leadership is this: take responsibility for things you don't control, develop confidence in the team, and deliver performance for the business.

Strategy + Culture = Execution

Be Uncommon

If you want to be an average business then lead culture like every other business. Recycle the same repetitive core values: integrity, collaboration, accountability, etc. Put them on a plaque. Present them on a slide at a meeting. Post them on your website.

That's not culture. That's compliance. That's not leadership. That's lazy.

Instead build a real culture that drives revenue. Cut through the noise, attract talent, align teams, and win customers.

Your culture can be anything you want it to be, but it needs to be yours and it needs to produce valuable business results.

For you culture to work it must have four qualities: 

  1. Obsessive: focused energy.
  2. Immersive: unique experience.
  3. Unrelenting: constant effort.
  4. Encouraging: caring relationships.
Culture - The Performance Pathway
Behavior - The Performance Pathway
Event + Response = Outcome

Equip People

Strategy doesn't produce results. Behavior does. Processes don't execute themselves. People do. Every strategy, process, product, and service depends on the behavior of people. When behavior is more intentional, on-purpose, and skillful, your business performs better.

Behavior of people is still the most complex variable in your world. In you. In your staff. In clients. In your own family.

Getting the right behavior out of the right people at the right time is the timeless challenge of leadership and business.

If you want people to perform at their best when it matters most, teach them how and train them for it.

Invest in the behavior skills of your people and build them up. They will build your business.

Where will you be two years from now?

Mission Focus

The results you produce are a reflection of your Performance Pathway. Reverse-engineer the flow.

Great business results require great behavior.

Great behavior requires a great culture.

Great culture requires great leadership.

One way or another The Performance Pathway  will determine the fate of your business.

It's up to you to align it with your mission, lead it with confidence, make the necessary adjustments, and accelerate results.

Results - The Performance Pathway

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