I have a BCD problem

Blaming, Complaining, & Defensiveness

Struggling with BCD? 

Don't panic, here's what you do. 

If you are aware that you BCD and now want to learn how to rid yourself of the practice then it's likely you already now about the danger it poses to your life and how toxic it can be to those around you, especially those you care the most about. If you're not sure why it's dangerous or what BCD is, read this first. 

There is a level of self-awareness required to successfully remove BCD from your life, you need to be able to see the extent and scope of when and where you BCD. This will take time to perfect, but with practice, you will become more aware of your BCD behavior. This is required to do the below step. 

How do I stop BCDing?

  1. Do anything else

BCD is not a productive exercise, quite the opposite. When you feel that might BCD or catch yourself after starting to, just stop, do anything else. Remove yourself (if possible) from the situation that started your BCD train of thought, and do push-ups, or listen to music, or focus on your work, literally anything else. 

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