Symptoms of BCD

Blaming, Complaining, & Defensiveness. 

You've seen this before.

The symptoms of Blaming, Complaining, & Defensiveness (BCD) are quite clear and we've all be around someone who is actively BCDing and we're all guilty of doing it ourselves. Here are some common signs & symptoms that your team, business, or self may be struggling with BCD.

The obvious

  • Not taking responsibility for the outcomes of one's actions
  • Taking ill of someone else and/or past, present, and/or future circumstances
  • Being resistant to any critique regardless of delivery
  • Deflecting feedback onto someone else
  • Changing the subject in a conversation away from themself
  • Playing the victim or acting like everyone is out to get them
  • Flippant responses
  • Attempting to control circumstances out of their control
  • Failing to offer solutions and only finding problems
  • Consistent venting, airing grievances, or verbal frustration on the same or similar topics.
  • Resistant to change

The less obvious 

  • Low self-confidence, big ego. 
  • Stagnant growth, lack of forward motion
  • Continued effort in a direction yielding diminishing returns
  • Inability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Misaligned culture
  • Too many meetings without a solution
  • Lack of leadership direction

While not an exhaustive list, it's easy to see the direction this signs & symptoms of BCD lead. If you experience any of these on your team, business, or personally you already know that there is need for a change. Download the 10 Ways To Manage BCD to get started on that path today. 

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