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BCD + Coaching 

You've probably already read the blog I wrote last month about the coming second wave, if you haven't yet click the link to read through that before continuing as it explains the reasons we must ward of the spread of BCD, and why it is so important for coaches right now. 

Few things poison your coaching efforts like blaming, complaining, and defensiveness (BCD), the presence of BCD in yourself, your staff, or your athletes is crippling your forward movement. 

As a coach you have a responsibility to stop the spread of BCD. First and always in yourself. Then to those around you. The decision to create your team as a BCD Free Zone is just the beginning, next comes the hard work of building the culture to sustain it. The 10 Ways To Manage BCD walks you through the beginning of the process of building a BCD Free culture and introducing it to your staff and athletes. 


BCD + Athletes

I need to see more athletes take responsibility for their role on their team, you don't need to be a coach, team captain, or a seasoned teammate in order to use the influence your position has to speak out against BCD. You've likely read enough by now to understand the serious threat BCD poses to the success of your team, and no athlete particularly enjoys losing when they know a pathway to help them win. 

The best way to influence your teammates is by making a personal commitment to living BCD free and then walking that out on and off the field. It will be hard work, but imagine if you shifted all the time, energy, & focus from BCDing to working on getting better. Your teammates will take notice of someone who puts the work in to improve instead of BCDing. This is how your influence on your team takes root, by you working hard to be the best version of you, getting better everyday. 


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